Vision plays a big role in early development. Dr. Liu and the Canadian Association of Optometrists recommend children have their first eye exam at six months and then annually after that. Even without knowing their ABC’s or being able to speak, there are many other child-friendly ways to evaluate vision and health.

Children may not always tell us something is wrong with their vision because they may not have the experience needed to recognize a vision problem. Here at See Beyond, Dr. Liu provides a fun environment for your child to have their first eye exam and they might even look forward to returning every year!

We are proud OAO_EyeSee_Teacher'sKit_Front_FNL_OLparticipants of the Ontario Association of Optometrists Eye See…Eye Learn Program.  Doctors of Optometry recommend that children have their eyes examined at 6 months; 3 years of age and then yearly after starting school because vision changes can occur rapidly as they grow.

If your child is attending a Junior Kindergarten program (Public; Catholic; Private; Day Care and even home schooled are eligible) in an Eye See…Eye Learn region, they can receive one free pair of glasses with their OHIP-covered eye exam, if prescribed by a participating OAO Doctor of Optometry.  Offer available July 1 to June 30.